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M21, the e-DBMS for the 21st century

PRIAM have now been developing their business applications in M21 for over five years and have found it completely stable and very fast. They use a combination of the in-built editor and the MSM workstation for editing programs.

Part of the quality control of the PRIAM system for Mailing Houses is the deduplication of millions of names and addresses. This has provided surprising results with M21 and increases in performance that make the product very attractive to the PRIAM client base that needs very fast transaction processing on large volumes of data.

M21 has been successfully running the business applications of companies in the commercial, health and financial sectors.

In all cases we have found the system to be more stable regarding database corruption than versions of M previously used and also appreciably faster.

Jojo Maman Bebe are the leading Mail Order company handling clothing for mothers-to-be and children. They previously had an NT system but this was replaced by PRIAM business software using M21 under Linux. Within one day the conversion had taken place and this included the incorporation of various historic printers without specific drivers. The system runs 40 concurrent users, each with concurrent sessions, wide area connection linking a London office to the Newport call centre/warehouse, and two shops. The e-commerce is handled through a web server communicating directly with the PRIAM business software through sockets in M21.