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We welcome technical contributions regarding M21 - ideas for improvements, best ways to code or configure etc.

Please send them to us at and we will publish them.

Current topics already sent are

MWAPI- Author: John Burwell

MWAPI is the M based windowing API. The Micronetics MSM-Workstation product was (and is) their implementation. InterSystems chose not to implement it preferring access via APIs from other Windows development tools like Visual Basic.

M21 does not have an implementation of MWAPI - it is only really relevant for Windows platforms, the idea of an X version never took off within Micronetics as the market was not there.

M21 has API access, so can be used as a back end to front end tools such as Delphi or Visual Basic. A 32 bit Automation object is available for access to M21 from Windows applications. There is really no need to implement MWAPI because, if it is needed, MSM-Workstation is so good and it can use Automation objects, so can access an M21 database using our API. So use the best MWAPI implementation (Micronetics) to access M21 - neat

Sockets - Author: John Burwell

There are 50 socket devices available to each process. Each device can have multiple sockets open per device. Sockets are accessed and manipulated via a socket device. The socket device can contain a collection of sockets. These entries are stored in a dynamic table. At any one time, a single socket from the collection is the current socket. Sockets can be attached and detached from a device's collection of sockets and passed between processes. Both client and server sockets can be created. Sockets can either be TCP or UDP sockets.